Saturday, August 16, 2008

Review : Bacheno Ae Hasseno

Cast: Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Minissha Lamba, Bipasha Basu

Director: Siddharth Anand

Seeing the promos of the movie on TV, i decided to watch the movie in theatre. I had been to theatre after a year , the last one being "Om Shanti Om" along with my family. The movie revolves around the cute "killer" guy Ranbir Kapoor "Raj". Raj is the killer guy who likes to be around girls but doesn't want to get tied into a relationship like marriage. For him girls are like use and throw kinds. The first in his life is "Mahi" Minnisha Lamba. He meets her in full "DDLJ" syle. Mahi also is waiting for somelike like Raj of "DDLJ". Raj woos Mahi using all the tricks of DDLJ. But Mahi learns about Raj very fast. The relationship last just one day. The Next girl to come in Raj's life is "Radhika" Bipasha Basu. She is the model town girl who believes to become a top notch model of the advertising world. She is the hot neighbour of Raj. Raj also woos her and gets into a live-in relationship and takes her for granted. But when Radikha says Raj to marry her, he dumps away her and fleds to Sydney. There he meets Gayatri "Deepika Padukone", the dream girl of hs life. whom he really loves. Gayatri is taxi driver @ night, pursues her B-school classes during the day time and also works in a super market. This time when Raj proposes love to her and expresses his desire to get married to her , he gets dumped by her. This is the time he realizes about the mistakes he made in his life and goes back to the girls whom he had dumped in life to say sorry. At the end it's as usual a happy ending.

The best things I found out in this movie is the locations in switzerland. I liked all of them. The picturazations at these locations is perfect. Three songs of the movie are too actchy. The first one being the tittle track sung by the son of legendry Kishre Kumar. Bachena Ae hasseno has sound of both Kishore kumar and hs son. The next one which is perfrct is "Khuda ke liye". This song seems to be revolving in the latter part of the film where Raj tries to get apology from the girls. The thid one i liked is "ahistha Ahistha" sung by lucky Ali. No one other could have sung it far better. Also the locations where the song is picturised is great. Minissha is so-so in the first part of the movie where sheis a cute little girl, trying to find her "Raj of DDLJ". But in the second half of the movie where she is shown as a housewife she is damm good. Bipasha is as usual sexy in the movie. But the main attraction of the movie is Deepika Padukone. She is damm good , look wise as well as acting wise also. Ranbir Kapoor has the killer instinct requrired in the movie to woo girls. The first half of the movie is fats paced, where as in the second half the movie becomes dull. Over all if you are getting bored at home over the weekend and have money to spend over a timepass movie do got the theatre.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

How to frame a perfect carreer

I was going through my usual list of feeds on Economic times on Monday. I came across this interesting and good article. Posting it as it is there on the ET website

Courtesy : ET

Are you a fresher on the threshold of entering the corporate world? Or a professional under constant pressure to perform? Whoever you are, an ideal career will never fail to allure you although the catch 22 situation will always arise whenever you are asked to plan a career.

If it is so much in your control to plan and build a perfect career, will you not be the next Bill Gates? But in spite of all constraints, you can still do a little bit of effective planning, a little bit of strategic preparation - to deal with a lot of happening days.

Building a perfect career is like building your home, when designing a dream home, we do adjust with the requirements of our family.

Here are four must-follow tips to propel you towards a perfect career!

Know Your Mind

The very basic is to know what you actually want. The kind of company you want to join; the kind of work culture that enables you to perform; the kind of people you want to work with; the kind of work profile, roles and responsibilities you are eager to handle and the kind of compensation and benefits that will make you happy.

Do you want formal colleagues or a fun place to walk? Do you wish to be a leader or a follower? How strong is your emotional quotient, essential for tackling not-so-desirable work situations?

Answers to all these questions will bring out a perfect picture of the career you want!

Know Your Workplace

Research companies and choose the right one that matches your priorities. For example, are you willing to relocate or drive far for the sake of a suitable job? Is the 9 am-6 pm job with health insurance, one day working from home and 10 days of paid leave attractive enough for you?

Or will you opt for larger salary, endless work hours, six-day week and work from home on Sundays?

Do you like a fun work place or looking for a formal one - the all work, no party kind? Be sure to find out all these before joining or it may lead to monotony and depression.

Seek Must haves

Also draft a list of must-haves you cannot do without! Because this exercise will have a big impact on your career and work life. It is obvious that positive factors will help you perform better than what you do in a routine environment.

For example, a good system is a necessity but it will simply rock if your company gives you a latest-technology laptop!

To ensure best performance, one should list a few areas and categorise them under four heads - Must Have, Don't Want, Delightful and Entertaining. Make sure, though, that your must-have list is not crammed with things that delight you. Must-haves are very important.

In fact, they are absolute requirements. While you may give up some of your "wants," must-haves are essentials and cannot be compromised.

Love Your Work

You must try and find the kind of work you want to do, as well as your preferred position and job profile. Hone your professional skills and be innovative in you approach, so that you may gain ample recognition of your capabilities.

Emotional analyses of one's own self is also a must if you want to do well in your profession! It will give you an insight into your shortfalls and help you improve.

This are the simple steps that you can ensure your satisfaction for a good job.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Paisa Paisa Paisa

I was going through the details of an IPO when i heard this song( Anda ka funda) on TV. I thought of recomposing the lyrics. Made a lame effort to build a good one.

Paisa paisa paisa

Paisa Hum Sab Ne Dekha Hai Kahi Baar Dekha
Par Kya Kabhi Socha Hai Is paise Ka Funda Hai
Yeh Kitna kimti Hai, Is haare patte Ke Ander Ek funda Sunehra Hai
Yeh Kuch Samjaata Hai Yeh Kuch Sikhlaata Hai
Zara Gaur Se Suniye Ga Hum Gaa Ke Sunata Hai

Paisa Paisa Paisa Paisa Paisa Paisa Paisa Paisa
Aao Sikhao Tume Paise Ka Funda
Yeh Nahin Pyare Koi Maamule funda
Aao Sikhao Tume paise Ka Funda
Yeh Nahin Pyare Koi Maamule funda
Is Mein Chhupa Hai Jeevan Ka Fal Safa
Is Mein Chhupa Hai Jeevan Ka Fal Safa
Ruipya Mein funda, funda, Paise Mein Funda, funda
Ruipya Ka funda, funda, Paise Ka Funda, funda
Aao Sikhao Tume Paise Ka Funda
Yeh Nahin Pyare Koi Maamule funda
Is Mein Chhupa Hai Jeevan Ka Fal Safa
Is Mein Chhupa Hai Jeevan Ka Fal Safa
Ruipya Mein funda, funda, Paise Mein Funda, funda
Ruipya Ka funda, funda, Paise Ka Funda, funda
Aao Sikhao Tume Paise Ka Funda
Yeh Nahin Pyare Koi Maamule funda

Paisa Agar Na Hota To RUpiyaa Na Hoti
Nahoti Nahoti Nahoti Nahoti Nahoti
Rupiyaan Ke Bin Maze Ki Partiyaan Na Hoti
Nahoti Nahoti Nahoti Nahoti Nahoti
Gar Partiyaan Na Hoti To Aashiqui Na Hoti
Jo Aashiqui Na Hoti To Zindagi Na Hoti
Gar Partiyaan Na Hoti To Aashiqui Na Hoti
Jo Aashiqui Na Hoti To Zindagi Na Hoti
Paise Se Milta rupiyaan rupiyaan Se Milta paisa
Patna Ho Ya Batinda Ghar Ghar Mein Milta paisa
Patna Ho Ya Batinda Ghar Ghar Mein Milta paisa
Is Mein Chupa Hai Jeevan Ka Fal Safa
Is Mein Chupa Hai Jeevan Ka Fal Safa
Aao Sikhao Tume Paise Ka Funda
Yeh Nahin Pyare Koi Maamule funda

Zero Bhi maange paisa Hero Bhi maange paisa
Paisa Paisa Paisa Paisa Paisa
Gunda Bhi maange paisa Munda Bhi maange Paisa
Paisa Paisa Paisa Paisa Paisa
Kala Bhi maange paisa Ghora Bhi maange paisa
TV Pe Bhi Dikhaye Ke Roz maango Paisa
Kala Bhi maange paisa Ghora Bhi maange paisa
TV Pe Bhi Dikhaye Ke Roz Kamao Paisa
Suraj Bhi maange paisa Chanda Bhi maange paisa
Paise se chalti Duniya Duniya se chalta paisa
Paise se chalti Duniya Duniya se chalta paisa
Is Mein Chupa Hai Jeevan Ka Fal Safa
Is Mein Chupa Hai Jeevan Ka Fal Safa
Aao Sikhao Tume paise Ka Funda
Yeh Nahin Pyare Koi Maamule funda

Omlete Ko bhi lagata paisa Chocolate Ko bhi lagata paisa
Tofa Ko bhi lagata paisa Koka Ko bhi lagata paisa
Hotel Ko bhi lagata paisa Botle Ko bhi lagata paisa
Fashion Ke Show Mein lagata paisa Ration Ke Row Mein bhi lagata paisa
Is Mein Chupa Hai Jeevan Ka Fal Safa
Is Mein Chupa Hai Jeevan Ka Fal Safa
Aao Sikhao Tume paise Ka Funda
Yeh Nahin Pyare Koi Maamule funda
Ruipya Mein funda, funda, Paise Mein Funda, funda
Ruipya Ka funda, funda, Paise Ka Funda, funda
Ruipya Mein funda, funda, Paise Mein Funda, funda
Ruipya Ka funda, funda, Paise Ka Funda, funda
Ruipya Mein funda, funda, Paise Mein Funda, funda
Ruipya Ka funda, funda, Paise Ka Funda, funda

Friday, November 23, 2007

Om Shanti Om - Yeh film poori "filmi" hain

Shah Rukh Khan.... Om Prakash Makhija / Om Kapoor
Deepika Padukone.... Shantipriya / Sandy
Arjun Rampal.... Mukesh Mehra
Kiron Kher.... Bela Makhija
Shreyas Talpade.... Pappu Master

Director : Farah Khan
Producer : Gauri Khan

Music Album : Om Shanti Om

Rating : **

I went to watch this movie on my mom's request. I wanted to show her the new Inox theatres opened in Nagpur.

A perfect diwali treat for most of the Indian and espically SRK fans. The film has all the ingredients in it what a commercial hindi masala movie should have.Is mvie mein drama hain , emotion hain, action, aur toh aur romance aur tradegy bhi hain. SRK is at his overacting best. After his good overacting in "Chak de....", this was another treat for me. Deepika Padukone as heard is sexy in the film. Thats was one good thing of the movie. Kirron kher is good with dialouges " Ek chuti bhar sindoor ..... ". The best part of the movie are the dialouges.

"Maa ka dil toh aisa hi hota hain......"
"Pitchar (movie) abhi baki hain mere dost...."
"Yeh meri filmi maa".

The movie has reincarnation. Similar to "karz" fame of Rishi kapoor. Om prakash Makija after 30 years becomes Om Kapoor in his incarnation role. Shreyas Talpade "Pappu Master" is good. and yes I missed the main actor "villian" Arjun Rampal. Arjun Rampal has done good acting in the film. he has short and sweet role in the film.

I liked only song in the film where all the actors of the film industry have come together for the song " OM SHANTI OM". Overall if you want to have entertainment, go for this movie and also if you are SRK fan ( Not like me).

Monday, October 15, 2007

Bhool Bhulaiyaa

Film: Bhool Bhulaiyaa

Cast: Akshay Kumar, Shiney Ahuja, Vidya Balan, Amisha Patel and Paresh Rawal.

Director: Priyadarshan

Rating: (Ok)

After a long time i had been to a movie. The last one i saw in theatre was Munnabhai II. I hoped this film to be good as it was a priyadarshan film. Early in the morning, I had read the reviews of the movie in Times of India, it was not encouraging .
The movie is a typical Priyadarshan film with his favourites cast in the movie, Akshay Kumar and Paresh Rawal. Bhool Bhulaiyaa is a remake of a Malyalam film, the 1993 'Manichitrathazhu'. Bhool Bhulaiyaa is a slap dash cross between suspense & comedy - there is a lot of psycho babble and then there is a lot of plain babble too. The first part of the movie has comic scenes. The second half is more of a psychological thriller. The plot revolves around a cursed house in which a couple comes to stay after 65 years. Askhay Kumar, a psychiatrist, is at his best in comic role, but Paresh Rawal is wasted in the movie. He has a short part to play in the film.Vidya Balan has done jsutification to her role and has acted better than her last film "Hey Baby". The last 15-20 minutes belong to her and she has made the most of it. The rest of the cast is boring and the acting is also average.Shiney Ahuja is average in his part, but Ameesha Patel is a total waste in the film. She should now stop acting i guess. Rajpal Yadav has done justice to his role.

There are a few scenes in the movie which are totally hilarious. The first one is the "maun wrat" scene by paresh rawal and his wife along with asrani. The next one is the entry of Akshay kumar where he is in a total sadhu's attire. The next 5 min there after are too good. ( My best scene ).

Bhool Bhulaiyaa is NOT an out-n-out comedy movie as its trailers suggest. It’s a thriller narrated in a very entertaining way.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Self Management

This is an expert taken from one of the sites....

You are responsible for everything that happens in your life. Learn to accept total responsibility for yourself. If you do not manage yourself, then you are letting others have control of your Life. These tips will help "you" manage "you."

Here is a list of things that help you in self management and which will in turn lead you to the path of success: -

-) Look at every new opportunity as an exciting and new-life experience.

-) Be a professional who exhibits self-confidence and self-assurance in your potential to complete any task.

-) Agree with yourself in advance that you will have a good attitude toward the upcoming task.

-) Frequently ask, "Is what I am doing right now moving me toward my goals?"

-) Do it right the first time and you will not have to take time later to fix it.

-) Accept responsibility for your job successes and failures. Do not look for a scapegoat.

-) Do not view things you do as a "job." View all activities as a challenge.

-) Use your subconscious mind by telling it to do what you do want. Instead of telling yourself, "I can't do that very well," say, "I can do this very well."-) Give yourself points for completing tasks on your "to-do" list in priority order. When you reach 10 points, reward yourself.

-) Practice your personal beliefs. It may be helpful each morning to take 15 minutes to gather your thoughts and say a prayer.

-) Make a commitment to show someone a specific accomplishment on a certain date. The added urgency will help you feel motivated to have it done.

-) Practice self-determination, wanting to do it for yourself.

-) Believe that you can be what you want to be.

-) Never criticize yourself as having a weakness. There is no such thing. You are only talking about a present undeveloped skill or part of yourself that if you so chose, you can change. You do not have any weakness, only untapped potential.

-) Be pleasant all the time-no matter what the situation.

-) Challenge yourself to do things differently than you have in the past. It provides new ideas and keeps you interested.

-) Talk to yourself. A self-talk using positive affirmation is something that is common among all great achievers. They convince themselves that they can accomplish their goals.

-) Create your own "motivation board" by putting up notes of things you need to do on a bulletin board or special wall space. It is an easily visible way to see what you need to work on. When an item is done, remove the note. Also keep your goals listed and pictured on your board.

-) Stay interested in what you are doing. Keep looking for what is interesting in your work. Change your perspective and look at it as someone outside your job would,

-) Establish personal incentives and rewards to help maintain your own high enthusiasm and performance level.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Bheemeshwari River Rafting

After a long time this trip was planned. The trip participants were Abhigyan , Sourabh, Tarun and Ankit. We decided to go on sunday as on saturday India and England ODI was coming and India did win that one. We started from bangalore at 8.30 in Morning and reached the camp at around 10.00.

Location -
Bheemeshwari is located at a distance of 100 km from the tech city, Bangalore, down the Kanakpura - Kollegal Highway. You have to turn off at Halagur, and go down the Halagur - Muttatti road.

Our Trip -

Our main plan was the rafting. Rafting takes place in three batches. Batch timings are 10.30, 1.30 and then last one at 3.30. The camp is controlled by the Jungle Lodges and resorts authority. More info about the various facilities at the camp be found at their website. They have their pwn trainer who will be present along with you during the rafting activity. The trainer before commencing the activity gave us some instruction on how to row the boat, what all to do during a drowning situation and the safety measures to be taken. It's a 8km long drive through the river.Our rafting started with full josh. On the way in the 8km ride we did go through some of the terrains of the water which was terrifying for the first time, but after that we enjoyed a lot with each of the water terrain we approached. In midway there is a swimming zone, where the trainers ask to jump into the sea and swim. It good for those who don't know to swim. I also learnt little bit of swimming with that experience.

After reaching the destination we all were carried back to the starting point in a jeep. The lunch was provided to us at the camp area. After resting for some we decided to trek, and did trek for some distance but we didn't get the fun of trekking. so finaly we decided to head back to bangalore. In the end it was exciting journey because finally i did river rafting.

Bheemwshwari Route Map